Welcome to Pike Photography, which is just me, Chris Pike.

For Photographers:

I am available as an assistant, second shooter, lighting technician, associate photographer, or as a subcontractor. I cover Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle (and sometimes much, much farther).


Photography is my second job. I still get behind the camera as much as a lot of full timers. I edit a few jobs, but mostly pass the post processing off to those who hire me.

I am an associate photographer at Will Jacks, where I work for about fifteen weddings a year, mostly as a second shooter. I average another fifteen or so for a variety of photographers. While I mainly shoot weddings, I still manage to cover a handful of national and local conferences, a sporting event or two, and some commercial work each year.

Feel free to call or email me regarding availability, rates, or for a few references.